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8 Months Old Girl Kidnapped As She Was Sleeping With Family, Raped & Killed. Has Humanity Died?


8 Months Old Girl Kidnapped As She Was Sleeping With Family, Raped & Killed. Has Humanity Died?

Crimes against women are increasing day by day in our country and gradually it’s becoming more unsafe for females. What’s more, these devils cross all the limits and kill humanity when they target minor and infant girls for their sinful deeds.

One such very shocking incident took place in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore where a man picked up an 8 months old baby who was sleeping beside her parents. He took her to a vacant basement that was merely 50 metres away and raped her. This all happened on Friday early morning and a CCTV recording captured the accused as he carried her on his shoulder and murdered her after rape.

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After few hours, a shopkeeper went to the basement for opening his shop and saw the girl’s body. Parents of the deceased are balloon sellers by profession and at the time of the crime, they were sleeping outside Rajwada Fort. Even more shockingly, the family knows the accused (21) and he was also sleeping near them before he took the baby away and raped her.

As per PTI, here’s what Indore’s deputy inspector-general of police HC Mishra said,

“The body of the infant was recovered from the basement of a commercial building in Rajwada area. The accused, Sunil Bheel, had kidnapped her early today morning when she was asleep with her parents outside the Rajwada Fort. The accused was sleeping close to the family.”

Injury marks were present on the girl’s head as well as private parts. During the investigation, cops checked CCTV cameras and got a clue of the accused.

HC Mishra added,

“The accused is seen carrying the infant in CCTV images of around 4:45am today. He then took her to the basement of the building, some 50 metres away from where the family was sleeping, and her body was recovered in the afternoon.”

He continued,

“The infant had an injury on her head. The accused probably threw her to the ground. However, only the post-mortem report will verify if she died due to this or whether she was smothered. We are going to arrest the accused shortly.”

We demand severe punishment for the accused so that it becomes a lesson for all those who even dare to think about committing such a crime. What do you say?

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