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8 Weirdest Jobs On Earth That You Have Never Ever Heard Of


8 Weirdest Jobs On Earth That You Have Never Ever Heard Of

Doing 9 to 5 jobs every day? I know this can be quite boring and dull, but wait till you read this article to know some weird jobs on this Earth; you will start loving your present work. These jobs are so crazy that you might not even want to try it for a day. Wondering what are we talking about? Why not scan the list yourself?

1. Worm pickers

Worm pickers come out of the house to select the best quality worms and later sell them to fishermen. You would surely not want to live amidst worms right? You don’t have to do this for few minutes, but have to bear the brunt for a whopping 10 hours daily. So wacky!



2. Shark tank cleaner

The person makes his career by cleaning the tank for the shark. Once again, lot of dirt and mess is involved in this task. On top of that, the smell is just unbearable. This is why people avoid such jobs and prefer clean and clear ones.



3. Vomit Collector

Do I need to explain this? The name is itself enough to make you vomit. Imagine yourself spending the whole day collecting this filth. Doing it for a minute is itself a big challenge, forget 8 hours.



4. Dice inspector

The main job of the dice inspector is to take care of odd angles, proportions or blemishes in the dice. Can you spend your full day looking at those tiny dots? What a strain to eyes!



5. Fortune Cookie writer

We all love to read those fortune cookies, but ever wondered who takes the efforts to write those chits? Well, it’s the fortune cookie writer. As people don’t want repetitive cookie every time, you need to come up with some new and interesting things. Lot of brainstorming is needed and so many people avoid this.

Opened fortune cookie with a positive message - the future is yours

6. Roadkill cleaner

He picks those killed dogs, cats or bird lying on the roads. This job is something that even pet lovers would avoid doing. Who does this? No wonder, people who do this for 10-12 hours a day, get bad dreams at night. Would you like to do this if the pay is high?



7. Electric shock giver

In countries like Mexico, there is an electric shock giver who is paid for giving shocks. After a period of time, it becomes quite depressing to handle the work. Who likes to see people crying in pain and that too right from morning till night?



8. Chicken sexer

This is a very high paid job but no one is interested in doing it. Why? Because, it requires a person to do just one thing i.e. “Stare at the backside” of that small chick. Moreover, the condition is that 1,200 birds should be checked in an hour. For 10 hours day, a person has to study their tiny private parts and shape and report to the poultry owner.



Which one will you like to try?

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