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9 Honest Advertisements Of Popular Brands That Will Make You Laugh Hard


9 Honest Advertisements Of Popular Brands That Will Make You Laugh Hard

Every now and then when you open up your television screen, you’d see the ads of popular brands. These brands have such an eye-catching logo design, a catch tagline that grabs the attention of the viewers. Their advertisements are really good to the extent they convince you to buy their product. Of course there’s a lot of hard work involved behind this smart advertising and marketing of a product. Many creatives have to come up with unique ideas to sell a product, the graphic designers have to work continuously for days to come up with a captivating art. Of course advertising a product involves highlighting all the goody-good, rich features of the product, and hiding the flaws and shortcomings. So simply put advertising involves lying about a product.

Between the catchy product names and beautiful looking models, the advertisements, TV commercials which do a great job of deceiving millions of people into buying their products. But what would these product ads look like in a world where they were required to tell the honest truth? What would their slogans be like if they were brutally honest?

So let’s take a look at 9 Honest Advertisements Of Popular Brands That Will Make You Laugh Hard!

1. Ever experienced the rocket fast speed of BSNL internet connection? If you haven’t experienced connectivity issues with BSNL, then you’re seriously very lucky!


2. Amul, the king of trolls since 1967. The Amul girl is witty, sarcastic and knows how to entertain.


3. Good old days when we used to send letters to communicate with our friends and family.


4. The best part about buying a pack of Lays is that you might get some chips in it! Isn’t it great? Chips free in a bag of air.


5. When you can’t find the desired product on Amazon or Snapdeal, your last option is FlipKart. FlipKart is so popular that before you search the product, the product is already sold.


6. A new player who within a short amount of time has made its way among the big players. The reason behind their popularity is that they sell everything at a great discount. However buy at your own risk.


7. Daag toh achhe hote hain, par beta ghar pe washing machine hai kya?


8. Better to get a 15 Rs shave from the barber of UMT (Under Mango Tree) than spending hundreds of rupees on expensive razors and blades.


9. Itne bhi achche din nahi aaye abhi hamare…


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