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9 Ways To Handle Internet Trolls Effectively

9 Ways To Handle Internet Trolls Effectively RVCJ Media


9 Ways To Handle Internet Trolls Effectively

Internet, a place that is filled with all kinds of people, all having different opinions and views about almost everything. It is a place that has the power to blast you to an overnight fame or to bring you down just like that.

While on the internet, you are bound to face a lot of criticism and trolls. Anything you share and upload will gather views depending on your followers.

A lot of this affects one mentally, when he/she receives troll comments from a random person on the internet. It has a stupid power to somehow affect whole of your mood and a lot more things going on in your life.

Here is a list of things that will help you in handling your trolls with a much better attitude:

1) Ignore them.

This is a very basic step. Most of the trolls are useless. All they are is like useless noise which has no meaningful message to understand. It is best to ignore them.

2) Take constructive criticism.

Although most of the trolls are useless but if you are being targeted over a specific issue a number of times then you may try and reflect back on it a bit.

Who knows, it might be a blessing in disguise and you get a chance to improve yourself.

3) Use moderating tools.

Various moderating tools are available on each platform to filter out and ban such trolls. The tools can detect the spam comments and fake accounts and thus they can be banned from doing any more activity on your account.

4) Every once in a while, reply.

Yes, sometimes it becomes necessary to reply. But keep in mind that your reply should be a dignified one backed by proper facts and figures.

It keeps some trolls away as they fear being insulted on a public platform.

5) Build a friendly community.

Have faith in your community. Make your timeline a space which has good and interested users only. The organic users help a lot as sometimes they handle these trolls themselves.

Make your audience a part of your family.

6) Try a humorous reply.

Yup, humor is a much underrated aspect while replying. If you take a troll light-heartedly and reply to them with a witty and humorous reply, not only you get appreciation from your audience but also sometimes from that troll.

7) Discuss it with someone you trust.

If you really think that a troll is getting too much into your head, talk to someone who you trust and who knows you.

This really helps to reinstall in you that lost believe in yourself.

8) Take some time off the internet.

If it gets too toxic out there, there is no shame in logging off and spending some quality time in the real world with the people you love.

You should not allow these trolls to affect you mentally.

9) Analyze the reasons.

Analyze who really are these trolls and why they are targeting you. Most of the times the answer would be because they don’t have anything better to do but sometimes you might discover a real reason.

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