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A Guy Tweeted Facts To Sonam About Pollution & She Called Him A Harasser. Twitter Trolled Her Badly

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A Guy Tweeted Facts To Sonam About Pollution & She Called Him A Harasser. Twitter Trolled Her Badly

A celebrity getting trolled on social media is not new as we often stumble upon incidents where a celeb, an actress especially, has to face objectionable remarks for her outfits. Indeed we slam haters for commenting on something which is a person’s personal choice and others don’t have any right to interfere in it.

But for the first time, a celebrity has got trolled on social media for all the right reasons! We are talking about Sonam K Ahuja who recently had to face flak and wrath of netizens for her insensible reply to a sensible tweet.

It so happened that a Twitter user (anantvasu) tried to give Sonam a reality check that people like her who don’t use public transport or vehicles that consume less fuel are responsible for pollution as they have luxury cars with a mileage of 3-4 km/l. Moreover, 10 or 20 ACs at their homes further contribute to the increasing population of global warming so she first should control pollution caused by her activities.

The tweet read,

“sonamakapoor  its because of people like you,who don’t use public transport or less fuel consumption vehicles.

You Know that your luxury car gives 3 or 4 km per litre mileage and  10 /20 AC’s in your house are equally responsible for global warming.

First control your pollution.”

He said this in context to Sonam’s Instagram story that read, “It’s taken me 2 hours to reach town. And I’m still not at the destination. The roads are bad and the pollution is ridiculous; it’s a nightmare to get out of the house.”

Check out his tweet:

Instead of giving a sensible reply, Sonam called the guy a molester and said that it’s because of men like him that girls don’t public transport for fear of being harassed.

She tweeted,

“And it’s because of men like you that women find it difficult to use public transport for fear of being harassed”

Here is Sonam’s tweet:

Such an illogical and highly insensible reply from her became unacceptable on the part of Twitterati who trolled her like never before for giving the guy a character certificate despite the fact that she has no idea about him.

Later the guy tweeted to Sonam,

“I can take you to the court for this coz I still believe in constitution.
N i am not a judge without a degree like you. Shame shame shame shame”

This is how people trolled Sonam Kapoor:
















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