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A Senior Dr. Touched PRIVATE PARTS Of Trainee. What She Did Next Is Slap To The Society

A Senior Dr. Touched PRIVATE PARTS Of Trainee. What She Did Next Is Slap To The Society RVCJ Media


A Senior Dr. Touched PRIVATE PARTS Of Trainee. What She Did Next Is Slap To The Society

We present you here an incident which will give air to the fire inside every girl, but I request you to read till the end before reaching any judgment because I’m pretty sure that its end result will please you too. Also I would like to say that when all the guardians will be like the one mentioned here, girls will fight their problems themselves and there will be no need of candle march or any such thing later on, as the case is now-a-days.

First of all, read what happened:-

It was Monday morning; usually a busy day for the banks in India. Besides, the audit of the branch was also going to start from today. It was 11:30 am, this Monday was busier and more chaotic than other Mondays due to the audit and being the Manager of the Branch, I had to deal with most of the things.

My phone rang and I saw an unknown number, I picked it up, “Hello”, I heard on the other side the voice of a middle-aged man, “Hello, is it Mrs. Sinha?” To which I replied “Yes”. He was calling from the hospital where my younger sister had joined six months back. She is a doctor and presently under training of a senior doctor.


He wanted me to come to the hospital immediately, as it was regarding my sister. So I inquired about her well being, to which he said that she was perfectly fine but something had happened for which I needed to reach there immediately, as the Dean needs to see me.

I left all my work and rushed to the Hospital where I was sent to the Dean’s Office straightaway. There I saw Dean, Dr. Ashok Sharma (the senior doctor under whom my sister was taking training), my sister and a couple, both of them seem to be doctors as they had worn the white coats and the male doctor had a bandage on the palm of his right hand. His wife seems a little worried and concerned due to his injury.

Dean said, “Thanks for coming Mrs. Sinha, see what your sister has done!” (He indicated towards the injured doctor). I looked towards my sister with a curious look to which she said very firmly, “Yes, I did it.”

I asked, “But why? What was the need to do that?”

My sister said, “From the last three weeks, Dr. Sudhanshu (the injured doctor) was trying to make advances and sometimes he also tried to touch me on my PRIVATE PARTS. I reported it to Dr. Ashok, as he was my senior doctor but he said that Dr. Sudhanshu was a very senior doctor and advised me to try to avoid him or adjust with the situation. I was trying my best to ignore him but somehow or the other, I couldn’t avoid him completely.


I also reported it to the Dean 2 days back to which he also said the same thing that Dr. Sudhanshu was a very senior doctor and he would talk to him. But there was no improvement in his behavior. In fact, today he was trying to hold me tightly from back and said not to make a noise and let him do what he wanted to. I saw a surgical knife near me; I took it and pierced it into his hand.”


I turned to the Dean and it seemed as if he was more irritated with the act of my sister and not with the act of Doctor. The Dean said, “Mrs. Sinha, your sister has attacked a senior doctor and I don’t think that it was called for, the matter should not have aggravated to this level.”

I was angry and that can be felt from my tone when I replied, “So do you think that it is absolutely fine for a junior lady doctor to get physically harassed by a senior doctor and do nothing? For your kind information, what my sister did was an act of self defense that she did to save herself from getting assaulted and harassed. If the matter is not so serious that it should not have been aggravated to this level then why don’t you come here and let me hold what is inside your undergarments or why don’t you provide enjoyment to Dr. Sudhanshu’s wife by holding her tightly from behind and touching her private parts?”

Till now, all the persons present were shocked with my reply and they understood that I was not going to succumb under their pressure. I turned towards Dr. Ashok Sharma and said “what type of a person are you who can’t protect a girl taking training under your guidance?”

I warned Dean, “If you think that you can let go this pervert just because he is a famous senior doctor then be ready to face the media and their questions regarding the physical harassment that he is practicing in the hospital. I will talk to your trustees and see what they will do”.

After this, I took my sister’s belongings with me and left the hospital with my sister. I made complaint to the higher authorities among which one was the trustee of the hospital. The Doctor was asked to leave the hospital and the Dean was also told to find a new job.”

I think the accused has got the best lesson he can ever get and there could be no better punishment for all of them. Thanks to women power!! NAARI SHAKTI ZINDABAAD!!!

What are your views on the actions taken by sisters? Share with us in your comments!

If the fire inside you is also ignited and being a woman, you really want to do something for yourself, share this with your friends and family so that they understand what step is right to take at such situations. And if you are a boy who respects a woman and truly wishes good for them, share it as much as possible so that such kinds of heinous crimes can be stopped from being happened.

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