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Aaj Tak News Anchor Receives Flak As She Enters ICU In Bihar Hospital For News Coverage


Aaj Tak News Anchor Receives Flak As She Enters ICU In Bihar Hospital For News Coverage

Acute Encephalitis Syndrome has taken the lives of more than 127 children in Bihar and 108 of them are from Muzaffarpur. Each day more and more people are rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Recently, the executive editor of India Today and Aaj Tak Anjana Om Prakash covered the news of Encephalitis Syndrome in Bihar from Shri Krishna Medical College and Hospital in Muzaffarpur where more than 290 kids are admitted in critical condition.

Anjana Om Prakash entered the ICU to interact with the patient parties, doctors and the nurses leading which was live broadcasted. Anjana stopped the doctors from treating the patients and the ward attendants in the middle of their work just to interview them.

In the news broadcast on Wednesday Anjana was seen asking the doctor where will he adjust the patient lying on the mobile stretcher and even started questioning the doctor hygiene and infrastructural failures in the hospital. The interview turned into interference where the chief executive editor believed heckling the doctors in an ICU ward from their work is important than heckling the Health Minister and the Chief Minister.

Anjana is also being called out as a biased journalist. Well, when Delhi was severely affected by dengue Anjana in her news segment questioned the ruling party of Delhi, but when the children of Bihar are losing their lives cause of Encephalitis Syndrome the executive editor is seen blaming and questioning the doctors rather than the authority. Ironical right?

Anjana received sharp criticism on social media and we are left wondering who gave her the rights to walk inside the ICU of a hospital with her camera and mic. Twitterati is questioning her unethical journalism:











This is not what Journalism is and being a senior journalist if Anjana isn’t aware of it. Well god, forbid this ruckus!

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