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Akshay Kumar’s New Video Reveals Some Shocking Truths About Toilet Hygiene In India

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Akshay Kumar’s New Video Reveals Some Shocking Truths About Toilet Hygiene In India

Akshay Kumar is currently shooting for Toilet Ek Prem Katha opposite Bhumi Pednekar. The movie is satirical take on the issue of toilet in interior areas of our country, the narrow-mindedness around it.

The shooting of the movie has already begun, Akshay Kumar took on to his Facebook and revealed some shocking details.

As this is a social concern, there are many research work behind the script of the movie. The research shows that many house in our villages have no access to toilet at all. The woman of the house has to control their pee till its dark outside because they cannot go to fields or behind the trees in the broad daylight.

The worst part is that the families in interiors of our country do not even feel importance of building a toilet in their home. The men in the house can however do the needful wherever and whenever possible but what about those ladies, who have to control the whole day until its dark in the night. This unhealthy practice needs to be stopped.

Akshay Kumar was shameless and straight forward to accept that this video is indeed a publicity of his next movie Toilet Ek Prem Katha.

He wants these hideous truths of our society to be bare open in front of the audience. He wants people to know the truth.

Watch the video right here:

Click here to watch this video directly on Facebook

We totally respect and support Akshay Kumar in this initiative. We urge the need of toilets in every household for better health and hygiene.

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