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Alia Bhatt Is Leaving Her Parents And There’s A Good Reason Behind It!

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Alia Bhatt Is Leaving Her Parents And There’s A Good Reason Behind It!

Alia Bhatt is leaving her parents. Alia Bhatt is moving out of the Bhatt family residence. And you’ll be surprised to know the reason behind it, if you’re an Alia fan, then there’s a very happy news for you. Alia Bhatt has bought a three-bedroom apartment in Juhu will be moving into her new home in the next 10 days, she will be moving there with her sister, Shaheen.


The apartment’s redecoration is almost done, the actress is ready to begin moving in along with her sister. Within a day or two, Alia will start moving her belongings into the new house.

Alia Bhatt

The house is being designed by Richa Bahl, she had also designed Kangana Ranaut’s house. Alia and Richa went shopping in London and Dubai to pick up artefacts, cushions, fabrics and furniture. Richa spoke to a tabloid, she said,


There are a lot of green plants in the balcony. We’ve even created landscapes wherever we got space.

Richa Bahl and Alia Bhatt invested all their creative energies in designing the house. Richa gave a look to the house that will compliment Alia’s personality.


Since she will be staying there with Shaheen, I have given the apartment a young, bohemian look and a European feel with a little fusion of classic solid doors and heritage flooring. Alia doesn’t like anything too bright so we have used a lot of white. It’s a cosy and comfortable home.”

Richa created a tea bar just for Alia and her sister, isn’t that lovely?


Both sisters love tea so we have created a tea bar among a lot of other cosy corners.

Alia’s new house will have a lot of space. There are spaces for meetings, script reading sessions and dressing up.

Alia’s mother Soni Razdan too had taken a keen interest in the interiors. She was very practical, she ensured that Richa and Alia didn’t get too creative.

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