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Amidst Delhi’s Smog Struggle, Arvind Kejriwal And Amarinder Singh Had A Twitter Debate


Amidst Delhi’s Smog Struggle, Arvind Kejriwal And Amarinder Singh Had A Twitter Debate

National capital Delhi saw an extreme rise in air pollution recently. The harmful smog covered the atmosphere of Delhi and became a reason of trouble for the people.

In the difficult time while the people looked at the face of government, it remained silent while the Chief Ministers of Delhi and Punjab were seen debating on Twitter.

Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal started it when he requested Punjab CM, Amarinder Singh to consider the issue. He tweeted-

My office continuously trying to take time from CMs of Punjab n Haryana for me to meet the two CMs. Its an emergency

Arvind’s official party channel Aam Aadmi Party also tweeted the letters they have sent to Punjab & Haryana’s CM-

Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal writes to Haryana CM @mlkhattar & Punjab CM @capt_amarinder asking for meeting to resolve crop burning & pollution issue.

You can also check the letters below-



Amarinder Singh replied him and said that the matter is in the hands of centre-

Share your concern over stubble burning and pollution @ArvindKejriwal, Centre alone can solve the problem given its national implications.

Arvind Kejriwal insisted that the meeting is necessary as Delhi is in trouble-

I agree sir that Centre shud take lead. But pl grant me time to discuss if together we can present a plan to centre. Del is choking sir

Amarinder Singh replied and in the next two tweets explained that even Punjab is helpless-

Situation is serious but Punjab helpless as problem is widespread & state has no money to compensate farmers for stubble management (1/2).

It is not a matter for inter-state discussion, that won’t help. It requires central govt intervention, at the earliest (2/2).

However, Arvind Kejriwal continued his attempt to convince him. He tweeted-

Sir, it wud be best if we met. Cud u kindly share estimated funds reqd? Both of us together can urge centre. It will help ppl of both states

The conversation close there as Amarinder Singh didn’t reply.

Do you think the matter of concern will be obliged or the people will continue to suffer?

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