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Delhi Govt Cleans Yamuna’s Toxic Foam By Sprinkling Water On It, Netizens React With Memes


Delhi Govt Cleans Yamuna’s Toxic Foam By Sprinkling Water On It, Netizens React With Memes

The condition of the Indian rivers is not quite good as various chemicals along with sewage water are being released in many of them and though everyone understands that water pollution is very much detrimental for all of us, still very fewer measures have been taken in order to cleanse the rivers.

The condition of the Yamuna river in Delhi is pathetic as the water not only contains harmful chemicals but foam has also developed on the surface which is toxic in nature.

The festival of Chhath has once again exposed the reality of Yamuna in Delhi as in this four-day festival, the devotees worship Sun God and Chhathi Maiyya and they also visit the banks of the rivers in order to offer their prayers.

Many devotees visited the banks of Yamuna where the water got contaminated to such an extent that the medical experts had to issue warnings that if the devotees take a dip in Yamuna, they may suffer from skin problems. The rising levels of ammonia have also posed problems in the water supply of the city and soon photos from the Yamuna banks started going viral on the Internet.

In order to show that the government and authorities are not inactive in this regard, employees of Delhi water board were sent to set up barricading in the river so that the foam can be kept away from the ghats and 15 boats were also deployed to dissipate toxic foam.

However, what really amused the online users was Delhi water board’s employee who was assigned the duty of sprinkling water for dissipating the toxic foam.

Soon netizens began reacting on it as they were quite upset with the seriousness shown by the government for cleaning the rivers. This is how people mocked the Delhi government:





















Meanwhile, the Delhi police also tried to send back some devotees citing that offering prayers at the banks of the river is not allowed.

The big question which arises is why such important issues are not given any attention by the government despite the fact that we all know water is very important for living beings to survive. What is your take in this regard?

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