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Apple Is Giving Maha Discount Of Re 1 On IPhone 12 Pro Max, Twitter Goes Crazy


Apple Is Giving Maha Discount Of Re 1 On IPhone 12 Pro Max, Twitter Goes Crazy

Being an iPhone user is certainly a big deal in today’s time as it is not just a phone anymore bur has become status symbol for rich and stylish people. The iPhones are really costly and every year Apple comes up with new models with increased prices for its customers so majority of the population prefers to remain happy being an android user.

If you are also from the middle class segment, let us tell you that there are three conditions as per which you may be able to buy an iPhone:

1. Sell your kidney and buy the latest model of iPhone,

2. iPhone launches a new model, then you should start looking for 4-5 yrs old model

3. Apple gives huge discount on iPhones

The third point has become true and Apple is indeed giving discount as one of its products is up for sale. A Twitter user Sachin Kalbag has made a post in which he has informed everyone that Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is up for sale on the e-commerce site Amazon and its sale price is Rs. 1,59,899.

You will be shocked to know the amount you will be able to save as the original price of this product is Rs. 1,59,900 so you will hit the fortune of saving Re. 1 if you grab this deal.

Well, Twitterati reacted soon on the Maha Discount offered by Apple and here are some of the selected reactions:
















Are you in the mood to take the benefit of the big sale? Happy Shopping!

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