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As Encephalitis Worsens In Bihar, Government Fails To Provide Even Basic Care To The Children


As Encephalitis Worsens In Bihar, Government Fails To Provide Even Basic Care To The Children

Acute Encephalitis Syndrome that causes a brain fever, has already taken lives of almost 108 children. As these numbers tend to rise, people are wondering where things are going wrong. A shocking video came into view, the video was from the hospital where these children have been admitted.

It can be seen in the video how the kids and their parents are put on the floors with a single mattress. People are sitting at anywhere they get space, there is water running down on the floor where kids lie in such an unhealthy state.

Mirror Now visited the hospital to look at the conditions and people were shocked by the revelations made. Unedblie fruits and packaged food with worms were being served to the kids. Washrooms were not cleaned and open gutters ran everywhere near the hospital. The staff is clearly not looking at the hygiene part. When asked about the quality of the food, the staff said that it was provided to them like that. It is shameful how much ignorance is there in the Health Department.


Mirror Now's Santia Gora reports LIVE from Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital in #Bihar's Muzaffarpur and gives a sense of the hygiene & condition of the hospital. #BiharEncephalitisDeath toll touches 107.

Publiée par Mirror Now sur Lundi 17 juin 2019

Recently a video of the Health Minister went viral when he was discussing the India-Pakistan match amidst the discussion for Encephalitis. This is how our country is providing healthcare to children. When will they take serious action? And what cost will they keep in mind that the health and safety of the citizens come first? People frustrated by the situation take to the streets to protest, but who is listening? The government refuses to comment.

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