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BEWARE – This Independence Day You May Be Booked For Disrespecting Our National Flag..!!


BEWARE – This Independence Day You May Be Booked For Disrespecting Our National Flag..!!

National Flag and National Anthem are considered as the National Symbols of the Country. Flag of India is known as “Tiranga” means Tri Colour. It was adopted on 22nd July 1947. Tiranga or Flag of India is Based on Indian National Congress Flag , Swaraj Flag which was also Designed by  Pingali Venkayya. Flag of India consists of Saffron, White and Indian Green with a Navy Blue Wheel comprising of 24 Spokes in the Middle, the Wheel is Known as Ashoka Chakra.

We have Learnt about our National Flag in our Childhood. Here Presenting you some unknown Information about our National Flag.  The  Bureau of Indian Standards is the Authority which had laid the Guidelines for the usage on National Flag in a proper way without Disrespecting it. These set of laws are known as Flag Code of India.

Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971 states the following Penalities for Disrespecting the National Flag.

All the Below can may be termed to an Imprisonment of 3 Years or a Fine or Both.

  •  Intentionally Displaying Indian National Flag with “Saffron” Down

  •  Using the National Flag to Cover Buildings or on the Back sides of Vehicles,Boat, Aircraft etc

  •  Intentionally Allowing the National Flag to Touch the Ground or Trail in Water

  •  Using the National Flag by printing it on Cushions, handkerchiefs, Undergarmets, Napkins, Dress Material etc

  •  No sort of Letter should be Inscribed on the National Flag when Displayed in Public

  •  Using the National Flag as a Costume or Uniform which is worn below the Waist of Any Person

  •  Indignity Offered to the National Flag in any Case

On the eve of Independence Day Let us Take on Oath of Respecting our National Flag at any cost.


Source : Wikipedia

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