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Bigg Boss 11: Akash’s Mom Says She Will Expose Vishal Dadlani & She Has Proof Of Their Relations

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Bigg Boss 11: Akash’s Mom Says She Will Expose Vishal Dadlani & She Has Proof Of Their Relations

Akash Dadlani is among the craziest Bigg Boss contestants ever and he often makes headlines for his antics in the house. Who can forget that in the beginning of the reality show, he raised eyebrows when he claimed to be a relative of famous music director Vishal Dadlani?

He received flak on social media after Vishal took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and made a clarification that Akash was lying about his relation with Vishal. Even Salman took a jibe at Akash for the same in a weekend episode.

Here’s what Vishal wrote in his tweet:

“Some dude on Bigg Boss claims to be related to me. I checked and he is, but quite a distance. I don’t know him, apart from his having texted me asking for work, a few times. With respect, I won’t work with someone just because they happen to have the same surname as I do. Even if he was my “dead brothers’ son” as is claimed, he’d have to work his way up and earn his place. Also, thankfully, I don’t have a brother, never have. This is to clarify that I have never met this gent and that I do not even know him. I wish him well, as I would any other musician. But that’s about it.”

If you follow the reality show, you must be knowing that padosis are also participating in the luxury budget task and leaving no chance to spill beans with regard to controversies which went viral on the web in relation to contestants.

In a video which is being circulated on social media, Akash’s mom can be seen telling Rocky Jaiswal, Ashutosh Shinde and Sharda Gupta about her family relation with musician Vishal Dadlani. As per the woman, her family is closely associated to the family of Vishal, contrary to what he claimed on the micro-blogging site.

She continued saying that despite being in a close relation, she and Akash were not actually so close to Vishal’s family till they made up mind of coming back to India from abroad. According to her, Akash was determined to make a career in the music industry and for the same, he contacted Vishal but the latter denied helping him, saying that he should learn everything on his own and make a name in the industry in place of taking advantage from his popularity. Akash’s mom also said that sometimes family members don’t help but others do and the same happened with Akash. She even mentioned that she has Vishal’s photos in her album and she would prove that Vishal was lying and not Akash.

Watch The Video:

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Now it will be interesting to see how Vishal reacts to it.

Is it merely a family dispute or something else? What do you think? Let us know.

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