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Bigg Boss 3 Winner Vindu Dara Singh Opens Up About BB12 Contestants, Posted A Series Of Tweets

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Bigg Boss 3 Winner Vindu Dara Singh Opens Up About BB12 Contestants, Posted A Series Of Tweets

Bigg Boss 12 is going great and even though it has been just about a week, many contestants are playing like a pro. In fact, the way the game is being played, it appears that a lot of drama will take place inside the house soon. At one fell swoop, commoners are being liked more than the celebrities and Jodis are more entertaining than single contestants.

The theme of the reality show for the twelfth season is “Vichitra Jodi” and we must say that the pairs fully justify it, especially the unique couple Bhajan singer Anup Jalota and his 37 years younger girlfriend Jasleen Matharu who disclosed their relationship during Bigg Boss 12 premiere and left the entire nation including Salman and Jasleen’s parents shocked.

We all know that Vindu Dara Singh, Bigg Boss 3 winner, follows the reality show every season and gives his opinion about contestants as well as the happenings in the house. He is very excited for Bigg Boss 12 too and assures his fans that he will keep on tweeting about it.

This is what he wrote,

“Ji haan, hum #BB12 peh tweet zaroor karenge!

Voh waqt bhi hamara hoga aur jagah yahin hogi!

Bus AAP saath dena!😇

Aur Tab tak RedFMIndia suun te rehana. Bajateh Raho! 🤣”

He even praised the contestants and said that they all seem to be competitive and fierce and BB 12 is going to be the toughest season probably. His tweet read,


Every contestant is fierce & competitive!

Each one is putting in their best effort.

Probably one of the toughest BB!

But they will ALL run out of STEAM & NERVES if they don’t slow down – it’s only 4 days!

Chill Maro! 🍺”

He further talked about some contestants, their qualities, strategies and shortcomings.

Vindu Dara Singh appreciated Anup Jalota and said that he is playing the game quite well and in a dignified manner. However, he criticised Jasleen for refusing to even offer sacrificing for Anup for the second time.

He tweeted,

“Whatever d reason mayb 4r Anupji in appearing on #BB12 he is playin d game surprisingly well & in a dignified manner👍

No air abt his status-he is participatin in all tasks,decision makin & even punishments!👏


He also slammed people for condemning Anup Jalota just because he is in a relationship with a younger girl.

“India is changing & embracing d changes!

We hv accepted d LGBT community officially now, can’t see why we r surprised with Anupji’s relationship?🧐

Takes a lot of courage 2open up 4R something u know u will be crucified for!😬

And he is playing the BB game well too!👌”

As per him, Dipika is a mature contestant and will go far in the game. He wrote,

“DIPIKA is v matured and would have been a very good captain for the chaotic first week where egos clash before the calm!

One needs a tough person! 💪

She will go far in the game!

The Kriti & Roshmi Jodi won the task by FAIR MEANS!”

He further says that Deepak is his favourite but later expresses concern that he might get trapped in his own net. His first tweet on Deepak reads,

“Deepak is a FUNNY guy, his one liners are HILARIOUS! 🤣

He is fully aware of the game & v clever too.

He is a current favourite if he maintains his nature!

But only time will tell! 🧐”

Check out his second tweet:

“CHANAKYA banne keh chakkar Main DEEPAK apni hi chal Main phas jayega!

It’s a long game!

Deepak advising the Lawyer to “act” – wondering now if DEEPAK is acting too! 🧐

Sometimes ppl are too good to be true!


For Sreesanth, Vindu feels that he is getting image conscious and constant threatening of leaving the show is definitely not a good move on his part.

His first tweet reads,

“SREESANTH’s funda is simple – Give Respect – Take Respect!

Initially I felt he would be RIGID but he is giving his BEST! 👍

And one day when someone “tickles” him, he will give his FIST too! 👊

🤣 ”

And this is his second tweet:

“SREESHANT has played FEARLESSLY in front of huge crowds & ferocious opponents.

In BB he is getting image conscious.

There will be some difficult ppl one will have to deal with!

Not a good move to keep threatening to leave the show”

Talking about Pathan sisters, Vindu wrote,

“On a cold dark night, u would want to light up a fire to stay warm and instead of adding wood, you accidentally add the “PATHAN SISTERS” 🤣

They are good for the show and should remain!”

He admired Karanvir, saying that he is composed and cool and at the same time disclosed that he is like a family member to him and requests fans not to expect any comment against KC.

He tweeted,

“KARANVIR is like family to me, know his family and him since BIRTH!

Toh Voh joh kehteh hai na “Sau Khoon Maaf” 🤣

KV may WIN or LOSE but Mujhe seh don’t expect any “TIPPANI” against KARANVIR!”

His second tweet read,

“KARANVIR was cool & composed even when he tried to bang open the door, unlike that SHAITAN SWAMI who had a door handle and tried to break it down like an DEMON!👹


Appreciating Romil, Vindu said that he is a smart and strategic contestant who has given the right suggestion of mixing with celebrities that will eventually help commoners in getting votes.

Here’s his tweet:

“ROMIL gave the right advice of mixing with celebs so some of the CELBS fans will help in the favour of the commoners!

He is smart and this strategy is a must!👌”

Do you agree with Vindu Dara Singh in his analysis of contestants or do you have a different point of view? Let us know.

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