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Bihar Education Minister Got Trolled Mercilessly For Singing Jana Gana Mana Incorrectly, Resigned


Bihar Education Minister Got Trolled Mercilessly For Singing Jana Gana Mana Incorrectly, Resigned

Nitish Kumar, the JD (U) leader, has become the chief minister of Bihar for the seventh time and with him, his 14 ministers also took the oath of serving the nation. However, soon a controversy erupted regarding the inclusion of Mewalal Choudhary in the cabinet as the opposition raised the matter of the corruption case which has been filed against him.

As a consequence, Mewala Choudhary who was appointed as the new Education Minister of the state had to resign just three days after he took the oath. What made the matter worse for Mewalal Choudhary was an old video in which he is seen singing the national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” incorrectly. The matter was posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter by the official Twitter handle of political party Rashtriya Janta Dal.

The video was captioned, भ्रष्टाचार के अनेक मामलों के आरोपी बिहार के शिक्षा मंत्री मेवालाल चौधरी को राष्ट्रगान भी नहीं आता। नीतीश कुमार जी शर्म बची है क्या? अंतरात्मा कहाँ डुबा दी?”

It loosely translates to, “The Bihar education minister Mewalal Choudhary who is accused in many corruption cases doesn’t even know the national anthem of the country. Has any shame left in you, Nitish Kumar, where have you drowned your conscience?”

Here is the video:

Click to watch this video directly on Twitter

In the video, Mewalal Choudhary is heard singing, “Punjab Vasant Gujarat Maratha” while he should have sung, “Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha”. The video soon went viral and till the time this article was written, it was retweeted by more than 5k times and had been liked by over 19k people.

Twitter users are outraged by this and here is how people reacted:












There is no doubt that the national anthem is something which every person should know by heart including the politicians. Though Mewalal Choudhary has already resigned, do you think that a person who doesn’t know the national anthem should be allowed to hold any public office? Let us know your views.

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