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BJP MP Hits MLA With Shoe After Argument, You Cannot Miss The Video


BJP MP Hits MLA With Shoe After Argument, You Cannot Miss The Video

A BJP Minister of Parliament and a MLA had a full fledged scuffle in Sant Kabir Nagar on Wednesday after an argument broke out between the two over the placement of foundation stones.

Several videos of their fight have emerged on social media and have since gone viral. You can check out the full video here:

Here’s another video of the fight:

BJP MP Sharad Tripathi can be seen losing his temper while arguing with the MLA Rakesh Singh over why his name was missing from the foundation stone.

On being asked, the MLA had replied saying that the final decision was his. The two were attending a meeting ofDistrict Planning Committee in the Collectorate Auditorium.

During the verbal argument, the MP can be seen heading towards the MLA who was engaged in a conversation with other party members. He then took off his shoes and started hitting the MLA with it.

Cops were also present at the scene. However, everyone at the event was taken aback and too shocked to react when the fight escalated.

The MLA, who finally realized what was happening, got up and then began hitting the MP and fought back. The two engaged in a heated argument before the party members intervened to break them up.

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