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Business Tycoons In The Dress of Beggars – Earning Lakhs Monthly

Business Tycoons In The Dress of Beggars - Earning Lakhs Monthly RVCJ Media


Business Tycoons In The Dress of Beggars – Earning Lakhs Monthly

Indeed India is a country of wonders. Finding a beggar in UK seems a rare possibility, and the situation is arising when Indian beggars will be a story of the past. Looking at the profit made by these beggars, I am sure our parents may change their mind and say “Beta abhi se lag ja Bhikhari business me”. After all, it easy, makes your wander different places and earn good money also. Plus, No target.

List of Best Beggar Businessmen’s (BBB)


Bharat Jain

Looking at his resume, he is no less than an entrepreneur. Even a degree from IIM or IIT would not have earned him this much. Mr. Bharat Jain, so called beggar from Parel region of Mumbai earns more than an average Indian and owns two flats which costs a whopping Rs.70 lakhs. However, his working schedule is no less than that of a CEO, thus working late night and early morning is one of his skill and forte. His daily income is around 2500 per day, which makes it Rs.75000 per month. (Huh, what’s the use of my degree?).

Though his family business dealt with selling notebooks and study material, but Bharat Jain is adamant on continuing this profession. Adding to his endless list of richness, he has also collects a rent of 10,000 from a juice center. (Just for investment sake)

KRISHNA KUMAR GITE, Mumbai (again)


It seems like Mumbai has stand true to it name of Maximum City. Whoever comes here never sleeps empty stomach, not even beggar. Keeping aside the fact that Mumbai accounts for the largest slum area – Dharavi, it also hails successful beggars. Krishna Kumar Gite is another young entrepreneur with a monthly income of around Rs.45000 only. His working area cum office (you may say so) is CP Tank near Charni Road. And, when renting an apartment seems difficult, this Sir owns a flat in Mumbai near Nallasopara. (Slow caps to the IIM’s degree)

SAMBHAJI KALE, yet again Mumbai

KALE Beggar

Feeding a family of four in Kolkata is difficult, standalone Mumbai. But for Mr. Kale it seems like a cakewalk may be. After all he earns 1000 bucks every day and owns good amount of experience in this field as well. A flat in Virar, two houses in Solapur and a land as well are all his assets and investment made from the profitable business.

Life in a Metro is hard, hard hitting!

SARAVATIA DEVI, for a change Patna


She is no less a business women. Even The Economic Times covered her business talents and took a note to her skill and management technique. Fortunately or unfortunately her designation is that of a beggar. But she earns like a pro. Paying Rs.36000 twice annually as her Insurance premium, she did deserved all the attention. Saravatia Devi, travels for free from one destination to another and in between earns a lot. A lot means owning a flat near Ashok Cinemas in Patna and marrying off her daughter to a well settled family.

No job is small or big!



Just like me, (poor me) who works for a tiring 8 hours in front of computer dealing with clients and their quirky demands. Wherein I change my attire from a beggar to face the practical world. Massu a.k.a Malana is hero of his life, changes from hero to a beggar. His list of clientele seems better than mine – Drunk Film Star outside high-end Mumbai resto-bars. My biggest asset of mine till now is Rs.8000 mobile phone and his is a Rs.30 lac flat and many more (Won’t disclose more – Kahi nazar na lag jaye)

Begging Tuition Classes? Any idea?

Now I realize why beggars threw away 1 rupee coin that I gave him, he must have thought I needed it more.

Please feel free to share your views if you are feeling like a beggar now, ooops not a beggar… If you are envious and want to burn your degree certificates. Have you ever accustomed such beggars?

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