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Can Digital And Physical Marketing Be Mixed?


Can Digital And Physical Marketing Be Mixed?

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The last couple years have seen marketing divided into two forms: digital and physical. Digital marketing involves using websites, apps, social media, online ads, emails and tricks like SEO. Physical marketing typically involves using events, posters, flyers, business cards, radio, newspapers and signs. 

They’re often seen as two very different forms of marketing, but in recent years marketers have been finding ways to mix the two. Technology is now starting to become more integrated with everyday life and it makes sense to merge the two in order to convert more customers. Below are just a few ways to mix digital and physical marketing.

Digitally broadcast physical events

Physical events such as trade shows, conferences and launch parties can now be brought to a wider audience thanks to the internet. This could be a way of encouraging more people to attend the event – for instance, you could post some pictures or videos up on social media of a local trade show to get customers to come along to your stall. Alternatively, it may be a way of connecting to consumers who can’t travel to the event – for instance, you may be able to live stream a demonstration of a new product at a conference to get people more excited. 

Create an app for your physical store

You could consider creating a customer app that encourages more people to use your physical store. Many companies have taken the traditional idea of a loyalty card and turned it into an app that can be scanned in-store to collect points. These points can eventually be spent, allowing customers to get discounts or freebies. If you also have an online store, you could also make it possible for customers to use points gained in store via the app on your site. Other options for a customer app could include a menu app in a restaurant that customers can order from or a AR app that allows customers to virtually try on glasses or clothes (such apps are thought to be popular within the next couple decades thanks to the arrival of 5G). An app developer can help you to build an app

Use QR codes to attract website visitors

QR codes are coded patterns that can be printed on business cards, flyers and posters. You can link these codes to your customer website so that when a customer scans them with their smartphone they can access your site on your phone. Scanning a QR code is easier than manually entering a website URL, allowing you to convert more website visitors using print media. You can also track visitors from QR codes to see how people are stumbling across your website. A QR code generator can be used to help you create a code for your site. Many of these generators are free to use. 

Convert customers in-person with a tablet

Tablets can be a great tool for converting more customers. You can employ a representative at an event or within your store to approach customers with a tablet and place online orders. You could alternatively get customers to sign up to your mailing list or even get people to follow you on social media (competitions can sometimes be a fun way of encouraging mailing list sign-ups and followers).

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