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How Is It To Celebrate Independence Day In India?? Here We Have An Honest Answer..!!


How Is It To Celebrate Independence Day In India?? Here We Have An Honest Answer..!!

15th August 1947 is the Day India got Independence from the British Rule. So we Celebrate Independence Day on 15th August Annually. Independence Day is Declared as a National Holiday in India. Independence Day include Celebrations of Singing Patriotic Songs, Parades, Flag Hoisting followed by National Anthem, Speech by Prime Minister at Red Fort etc.


Here We Present you What Does Independence Actually Mean to Indians and how they Celebrate it.

1. For a School going Child It is a Day to visit the School to witness Parade, Cultural Programs and Finally to Receive Sweets or Chocolates


2. For a Teenager it is a Day to Change thier DP to tricolour


3. For an Employee it is Day to take Rest from his Busy Life and Spend Time with his Family

4. For a Child Labour it is a Day to Sell Indian Flags and Earn More Money


5. For a Beggar it is Day to Earn some more Money as People will be Liberal Today



6. For a Politician it is the Day to Visit People, Hoist the Flag and Deliver a Patriotic Speech and Feel More Patriotic


7. For a TV Channel it is Day to show “Independence Day Sponsers” and Patriotic Films all the Day and Ofcourse to change their Logo to “Tri Colour”

aajtak Toi


8. For a E-Commerce Site it is Day to Announce Offers and Display the Tri Colour Apparels and Get some More Traffic

9. It is an Another Hectic Day at Work for Journalists and for Delivery Boys


10. And Finally it is a ROUTINE Day for SOLDIERS Protecting the Country from the Terrorists

This Independence Day let’s take a Minute to Salute our Indian Army for their Services.




What do you do this Independence Day?? Share with us in the Comments Section.




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