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China Comes Up With Smart Solution For People Who Cross Road Illegally. Installs Water Pistols


China Comes Up With Smart Solution For People Who Cross Road Illegally. Installs Water Pistols

Illegal road crossing and illegal driving in the wrong direction has become a common affair these days.

Few days back, we had seen how a private township in Pune had installed tyre killers for dealing with vehicles coming from the wrong direction. We had loved the way they tackled with the problem.

However, China has come up with an even brilliant way to deal with jaywalkers i.e. people crossing the road illegally. There are several pedestrians who think it’s cool to cross the road even on red light. For such people, China has come up with the smartest way.

Hi-tech water bollards i.e. pistols have been installed so that pedestrians crossing the road illegally get soaked. These bollards have a facial recognition system installed in them and the best part about it is that if the same person tries crossing the road again and again, then his name will be announced in public and would be shamed.

They have an internally recorded message, “Please do not cross the streets. Crossing is dangerous.” This message plays when the water sprays out of it.

Daye, Central China has spent a whopping 1.36 crores on this system. There is no need of worrying about hygiene issue or pollution because the water in these systems is changed on a daily basis.

Want to know how these bollards work? Well, they have inbuilt sensors for detecting people who cross before green light turns on.
Talking about more details, a spokesperson said,

“The internal temperature of the bollards is set at 26C and workers will fill them up with clean water every day so there is no need to worry about pollution or catching a cold.”

The most embarrassing thing is that pictures of people are taken and are displayed all over the city on large screens

Here’s the video of the same;

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After seeing this solution, we can realize how jaywalking is a serious issue in China. What do you have to say about this?

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