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Conspiracy Theorist Takes U-Turn. Now Says Earth Will Not End On 23 Sept & Comes Up With New Thing


Conspiracy Theorist Takes U-Turn. Now Says Earth Will Not End On 23 Sept & Comes Up With New Thing

David Meade, the Christian Conspiracy theorist had created waves of fear with his conspiracy theory that stated Earth will be destroyed by Planet “X” on the 23r of September. However, now, he says that people have not understood this theory properly.

According to him, the Earth won’t end on 23rd of September, but would indulge in a natural disaster and a nuclear war and this would last for around 7 years. According to him, these conditions would start from the 21st of October.

Many people have spread this conspiracy theory about Niburu but now, he has changed his words.

7 years of disaster!

According to the theorist, many catastrophic incidents would take place in these 7 years and some include earthquakes, nuclear attacks, Tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, electricity grids and much more.

He described October as the “Action Month” and said that it would mark the start of 7-year tribulation. As per him, 23rd of September will witness a spiritual sign and the moon would be seen under Virgo. After several days i.e. 5th of October, the sun would be completely eclipsed by Planet X and the Earth would be covered under the shadow. As per him, this is the 7 year tribulation which would start on 21st of October.

He says, “An asteroid named Wormwood, measuring at least three kilometers in diameters, which is attached to the “debris field of the Planet X star system”.

What will happen

Nuclear exchanges will be seen between US, Britain and enemies North Korea, Iran, China and Russia. Catastrophic climate events will also be seen. Some incidents include ATMs not working, grocery stores being cleaned out, gas pumps not functioning, looting and rioting etc.

However, he says that after 7 years, there will be a lot of peace.

Do you think this conspiracy theory would be right?

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