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Cows Need To Have Unique Photo ID Cards!


Cows Need To Have Unique Photo ID Cards!

It really sounds strange but Malegaon, Maharashtra police department wants that farmers as well as people who have bullocks and cows submit their beasts’ photos plus complete information taking into consideration law of banning beef business.

In this perspective, Deputy Superintendent of police, Mahesh Sawai, said,

“The purpose is to carry out a census and keep a record. Besides, this will help to verify mattes if someone feeds us wrong information about pet animals or animals working in the field.

We are keeping the photographs for verification purposes only. If someone alleges that some illegal activity has taken place and if the owner has a photo, it will be easy to establish the truth. We have conveyed the message to the residents of Malegaon, including animal traders. We have also asked them to register their pet animals with the Malegaon civic corporation.”

This is an effort for collecting probable information including photo ID cards which incorporated necessary details regarding the animal like height, color, sex, length of horns etc. As said by the officer, “The photo ID would be difficult to falsify.”

Aside from this, Haryana govt. has taken the decision of extending format of Unique Identification Authority of India introducing “Special Identification Tags” for the cows of the state, according to Indian Express report.

All the cows would be allotted a UID number of 12 digits together with ID cards tied around their necks.

In the words of Sunil Kadasne, Additional Superintendent of police,

“Not only Muslims, but all Hindus are also being asked to submit the details of the cows and bullocks they possess. But there are many Muslims who domesticate animals without any intention of consuming it. These records will prove that Muslims don’t buy cows and bullocks just for slaughtering and it will help to defuse communal tension between Hindus and Muslims in the city.”

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