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Deepika Takes A Dig At Salman Khan. Will Her Career Be In Danger Now?

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Deepika Takes A Dig At Salman Khan. Will Her Career Be In Danger Now?

Deepika Padukone is on cloud nine after the smashing success of her movie “Padmaavat”. Not only this, there are also rumours that the date of Deepika and Ranveer’s marriage has been finalised.

The 32-yr actress is not just active in films but also very busy in raising awareness about depression through her foundation known as The Live Love Laugh Foundation.

Depression is spreading like a disease, especially among the youth. Apart from sharing her story, Deepika also motivated others so that they can get rid of it. She is so passionate about her fight with depression that she didn’t even mind taking a jibe at Salman Khan.

Salman once called depression a luxury at an event. In his words,

“I see a lot of people getting depressed and emotional, but I can’t afford that luxury of being depressed or sad or emotional because no matter what I am going through, it works against me.”

Deepika took a dig at Salman’s statement when she said,

“Depression is sometimes perceived as luxury… (But) It is important to break that myth.”

The myth that Deepika is talking about is the assumption that only rich, famous and successful people go through depression. She wants to convey that anybody from any field can suffer from depression.

She said,

“When we were talking about more celebrities coming out and speaking and when we were talking about stigma, there is a lot of miscommunication that depression happens to people who are successful. I want to clarify that it can happen to anybody from any field.”

We have seen that celebrities who mess up with Salman put their career at risk and it eventually doesn’t have a good outcome; for instance Vivek Oberoi and Arijit Singh. Now when Mastani of Bollywood took a jibe at Salman, will it affect her career too? What do you think?


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