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Deepika Told Alia, “You Make No Sense” & You Need To Know The Reason

Deepika Told Alia, "You Make No Sense" & You Need To Know The Reason RVCJ Media

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Deepika Told Alia, “You Make No Sense” & You Need To Know The Reason

The Mastani of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone has definitely achieved big in a short span of time and all the credit goes to her hard work and dedication. In recent times, she has earned accolades after her look in the upcoming movie “Padmavati” was out. Undoubtedly, she looked splendid in the film’s trailer as well as in ‘Ghoomar’, a track from the flick.

Deepika has impressed not only common public and fans but celebrities are also not left untouched with her magic and spark. And a successful gorgeous diva from the industry just can’t stop appreciating her for her ultimate portrayal of a queen in the movie.

We are talking about none other than Alia Bhatt who doesn’t think that she could match Padmavati’s onscreen beauty ever in her lifetime.

Here’s what the “Highway” actress earlier said,

“I’ve not seen the performance yet but I saw the trailer, I think Padmavati…. Deepika as Padmavati was just so fabulous and she just looked like so fabulous and I know I can never look like that or act like that.”

She further said,

“She just looks like a Queen and I told her also ‘you are so lovely and so inspiring’ and I just know she is going to nail it in that film I just get that sense. I’m really looking forward to this one.”

Deepika Padukone FC tweeted, “Alia Bhatt: ‘Deepika looks like a Queen [in the #Padmavati trailer]. I told her that, & I know I can never look like her or act like that.’”

What a sweet gesture from Alia!

Deepika too reacted to Alia’s statement in a loving manner; however, she didn’t agree with her and in a sweet tone, she tweeted, “My Aloo…you make NO SENSE! I love you!!! @aliaa08”

Even though Alia meant that she can’t do such a role, Deepika proved her wrong. This tweet by Deepika means that even Alia has the potential to take up such challenging roles. So, “Makes no sense” is basically Deepika’s way of making Alia realize how good an actress she is.

In an industry where catfight is very common, such lovely conversation and appreciation from one actress for the other is rare to be seen!


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