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“Designed By Chuha,” People React As Actor Sumeet Vyas Posts Video Of Extremely Ripped Jeans


“Designed By Chuha,” People React As Actor Sumeet Vyas Posts Video Of Extremely Ripped Jeans

There is no denying the fact that people nowadays especially the youngsters don’t care about what others are saying about them and prefer only to wear clothes in which they feel comfortable and trendy. One such outfit is a pair of ripped jeans which is very famous among the young generation but it is something which is hated by majority of the older people because it gives a feeling of torn jeans and old people consider it bad to wear torn clothes.

Well, it is certainly a personal choice whether a person wants to wear a pair of ripped jeans or not but you will be shocked to see this pair of ripped jeans as it is as good as not wearing anything at all. We have seen many weird fashion products and clothing being launched in the market by various brands but this has taken the game to the next level and actor Sumeet Vyas was also left surprised after seeing it.

Sumeet shared a video on his Instagram account in which a salesperson is showing the pair of ripped jeans from both the sides, front as well as back. He captioned the video as, “It’s appropriate for grown men with hairy legs to wear ventilated pants. #whyshouldgirlshaveallthefun*** ‘Garmi me de… Sardi ka ehsaas’.”

Watch The Video:

Click here to watch this video directly on Instagram

The post soon went viral for obvious reasons and many people took a dig at dressing sense of Uorfi Javed, asking whether this ripped denim is from her wardrobe. A number of people questioned as to what the use of zip is here while some other asked whether it is designed by a rat and some said that even a beggar would feel rich after seeing this pair of jeans.

These selected reactions will make you go ROFL:

Wondering who would actually buy and wear it 😛

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