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Dilli Darlings: Seema Gumbhar Slammed Manya Publicly on Twitter!


Dilli Darlings: Seema Gumbhar Slammed Manya Publicly on Twitter!

Seema Gumber is a kind of contestant who is sharp, intelligent & bold. On the same page, Manya Aman is not lesser than that! The pace on which Zee TV’s Dilli Darlings is proceeding, not even one woman in the show seems weak enough to let someone speak negatively about them.

Recently, when Manya and Seema had a petty argument in one of the events where all the Dilli Darlings were present and had to walk on the ramp, they both were behaving off the hook to each other. On their next encounter, Manya made a comment on Seema indicating her like a cockroach which raged Seema, a lot and she tweeted about this saying that Manya has “little confidence and disgusting behavior” which clearly shows that Seema could not take the negative comment onto her!

Seema wrote, “This is the display of #insecurities #noconfidence #disgustingbehaviour #disrespectful #women #thumbsdown”

But we also cannot forget how outrageously Seema Gumber behaved with Rashmi Sachdeva when she expressed her unwillingness to walk on the ramp due to bad health.

Well, it’s just been 10 days that the show had begun and the real sides of the contestants are already being displayed! Does this have an end or will the fight go on? Will Seema keep on irritating other Darlings, too or will she get a crispy answer to all her actions? In any way, we are very curious to find that out!

If you are curious too, tune in to Dilli Darlings to catch up the never-ending drama and the most happening kitty parties every night at 11 PM only on ZeeTv!

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