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Dressing To Impress This Autumn

Dressing To Impress This Autumn RVCJ Media


Dressing To Impress This Autumn


Autumn is finally here – and although it’s a little sad to say goodbye to hot girl summer – comfy sweaters and cold nights are around the corner and that makes many of us excited for what’s to come.

If you are looking for some fun ways to style yourself for the autumn you are in luck because today we have a whole list of fashion essentials for you this season. Here are some of the things you’ll want to add to your wardrobe this weekend for the ultimate autumn look.

Choose jewel colours 

The first thing you should do when transitioning from summer to autumn style is move more towards jewel colours such as red, purple, blue, and green. There are some stunning shades of forest green and teal to choose from during this season as well as bright crimson or rich burgundy. Take the chance to add these jewel colours to your wardrobe and all of your outfits will look effortlessly perfect for the season. 

Buy a red coat

If you want to make a real fashion statement during the golden season of the year, a red coat is the perfect thing to have in your closet. Pairing a red coat with a white sweater and a tartan skirt will make you look effortlessly stylish and like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk in Paris. Pairing a red coat with a beret is also an amazing idea and will make you look like a real fashionista.

Wear a long sleeve floral dress 

There is nothing better to wear during the autumn season than a stunning floral dress with long sleeves. You still want to look pretty and girly during the autumn however the weather is much less forgiving than summer. Swap out the strappy maxi dresses for long sleeve flowing midi dresses that make the most of the season without you having to layer up. 

Wear a stunning watch 

In the spring and summer it is always the fashion to wear lots of fun brackets and rings in different colours to give off that carefree vibe. However once the autumn and winter come around you’ll want to keep things simple and classy with some well placed items. There are some amazing luxury watches under $5,000 that you can buy and add to your collection this season to add some class to your get up and make you look and feel like a million bucks.

Try gold jewellery 

Delicate golden accessories are a great idea to bring into your wardrobe this autumn to combat and contrast with those stark tones and colours. You can buy a simple delicate necklace or a thin ring that will be perfect for any season and will always bring some classy shine to your look. 

Wear tartan 

Tartan is the absolute epitome of autumn style – and if you are looking for the ideal thing to wear in the autumn season this year, a tartan skirt or a button up shirt is like no other. You can never beat a beautiful tartan design and there are some amazing choices out and about for you to choose from. From a stunning mini skirt that adds a sexy and elegant addition to your outfit, to an oversized checkered shirt that can be layered over your favourite tank top and leggings for an effortless casual outfit. There are a mountain of possibilities to choose from and you can have some fun styling outfits with this on trend pattern. 

Invest in good black boots

A good pair of black Chelsea boots and a pair of lace up boots will be your best friend during this season. Invest in a beautiful pair of boots from your favourite store and they will be with you for years and years to come. There is nothing better on a chilly autumn morning than pairing some jeans and a simple sweater with a red coat and black boots. You’ll look classic and stylish all year long and this can be a great way to vamp up your wardrobe as well as stay comfortable when running your weekly errands.

Buy a white sweater 

If you have not got a white long sleeve or a sweater in your closet already – now is the right time to make the investment and bring this into your wardrobe. A simple white sweater can be the perfect every day piece and it will make you look classy and grown up. You can pair it tucked into some skinny black jeans with heels, or go for a cute mini skirt and boots. There are endless possibilities for styling a white sweater and the beauty with this piece is that it is timeless and will always be on trend.

Wear comfy jeans 

Comfortable jeans are something everyone should have in their wardrobe – and if you don’t have a pair already you should go on the hunt this autumn. Jeans are great because they will go with anything from a button up shirt to a graphic tee and effortlessly add colour to any outfit. A pair of good mom jeans is classic and will stand the test of time as well as provide you with a comfortable and practical pant that you can wear any day of the week. 

Go monochrome

Monochromatic clothing is a great option to choose during autumn because it will contrast heavily with the bright colours around in the environment. Monochromatic styles such as a white shirt paired with a black pair of pants can look stunning and will give you that scandi look that is timeless and elegant. 

Use layers 

Layering your during the autumn is one of the easiest ways to get some colour as well as patterns into your outfit. By layering up a tank top with a cardigan and then a coat on top – you have the chance to bring colours and patterns together and create a more exciting outfit that is aesthetically pleasing for everyone. This is also something you can do if wear a dress by layering up with a cropped sweater over the top and a leather jacket to create a beautiful outfit that looks styled and stunning.

Wear warm colours 

Warm colours are the essential addition to your wardrobe in autumn. Consider the autumn in terms of nature – and how close we connect to the outside world during this time of the year. Wearing red, orange, mustard, and brown tones will make us look like part of the natural scenery and it is a way to style ourselves and look amazing every single day. 

Button up for the win 

Button up shirts are something that used to be associated only with the workplace. However these days you can wear button up shirts in any setting and even for casual occasions. One such example of this is an oversized button up shirt half tucked into a pair of jeans. This casual and stylish look is very modern and it will make you look like a fashionista no matter where you go.

Invest in a good waterproof coat 

Practicality is important during the autumn and as much as you want to look good, you also need to prepare for any weather. It generally rains a lot in autumn and that’s why investing in a stylish waterproof coat can look good but will also provide you with something you need. 

Wear a comfy scarf 

There is no better accessory in autumn than a comfortable scarf. Whether it be a bold colour such as red or mustard or a tartan design – layering a colourful scarf over a simple outfit is a sure fire way to make it look amazing. 

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