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Engineering – 12 Memes/Facts That Prove Engineering Har Kisi Ke Bas Ki Baat Nahi

Engineering - 12 Memes/Facts That Prove Engineering Har Kisi Ke Bas Ki Baat Nahi RVCJ Media


Engineering – 12 Memes/Facts That Prove Engineering Har Kisi Ke Bas Ki Baat Nahi

Engineering, the most opted career option in India, one of the hardest course in the world. India has an engineering culture, and Indian engineers are no less than some rock-stars. Around 1.5 million engineering students graduate every year while only fewer getting hired. But this is not about employment, this is not about being the best, this is about being an engineer. Here are some facts, some stuff that only an engineer can relate to. This is for each and every engineer out there, feel proud to be an engineer 🙂

We are engineers, we fix everything, from broken machine appliances to broken hearts. We engineers are survivors, we’ve been through hell and back again. We carry ideas with a potential capable of changing the world. We are awesome because we have completed ENGINEERING.

1. 4 Years, 8 Semesters, 16 Mid Semester Exams, Pre-University Tests, Theory, Lab, Quiz, Assignments, Minor Training, Minor Project, Major Training, Major Project, Attendance, Campus Placement, and a lot more that an engineering student has to go through in order to be called an ‘Engineer’. It’s no less than a battle. Even Guinness World Records acknowledge that, it has chosen Engineering as the toughest course in the world.


2. The recipe to create an engineer is very simple; take some patience, a pinch or more of hard work, drop all the good grades, intelligence in that, and at last the most important ingredient ‘Bakchodi’. An engineer is someone who doesn’t run away from problems, and even at the most serious times he doesn’t lose his sense of humor.


3. There are two types of engineering students that you’ll find in a classroom. The ones who display their intellect occasionally, who ask doubts and the others like me who patiently wait for the boring lecture to finish. The ones who make notes and the others who pay for the photocopy machine. The ones who buy pens and the others who have good friends.





4. We have laws of motion, we got Einstein’s theory of relativity, but there’s one unexplained law. It’s the ‘Law Of Engineering’ which states that efficiency of studying is inversely proportional to the time left for the study. Here the amount of pressure on a student’s mind is constant before the exam and after the exam. For he is never sure of what he has studied, what he has written in the exam, and what will be the result.


5.  If you’re not tired then you’re not doing engineering. Engineering teaches us almost everything; how to cook food in order to save yourself from the hazardous mess food, how to wash your clothes, how to save money and a lot more which will help you in the course of life. After everything that an engineer goes through, I wonder when they’ll start giving an engineer the nobel for his struggle. 


6. In engineering, creativity is more important than attendance. If you’re one of those who just want to have 75% attendance, a decent CPGA, a decent placement, then you’re not fit for engineering. If you don’t bunk the classes once in a while then you can miss a lot. And far as I am concerned creativity doesn’t come from sitting in the classroom for attendance. It comes from exploration of your course, from taking interest in what you’re doing, from being fearless and free.


7. 10 years from now you won’t even remember your attendance or grades, but the moments you have spent in the engineering. Without friends, life is incomplete so is the case with engineering. Friends make each and every experience a memorable one. How many of you remember the Farday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction that you have studied in the 8th standard? I bet only a few cough *nerds* cough remember that. But if I tell you to recall any of the enjoyable experience, fun time that you had in the 8th standard, I am sure you’ll come up with something.


8. There are many things one can do and ask, but always remember never tell or ask an engineer these things:

  • What’s your CGPA?
  • What’s your college attendance?
  • What’s your schedule; when do you study, sleep, and eat?
  • Do you have a girlfriend
  • Are you placed?
  • What are your future plans after completing engineering?
  • Do you know and understand what you’re doing?
  • Why did you choose engineering?
  • You know smoking and drinking is bad for you!
  • You should not bunk the classes!


9. You know, if you’re looking for an engineer, you better look in the movie theatres. I am not sure how many engineering students complete a unit of their subjects in a week, but they surely do watch a new movie every week. Most of the engineering students are good artists, singers, dancers, gamers and a lot more. No wonder why engineering is the only course in India where you study this course for four years, and then you decide what do you want to do with your life.


10. Never underestimate the power of an engineer. One of the biggest Indian writer Mr. Chetan Bhagat is an engineer too. And who can forget the ‘Muffler-Man’ Shri. Arvind Kejriwal who became the real life Nayak. Bhaiya ek engineer apni pe aajaye toh neeche se upar tak har system ko badal deta hai.


11. With all the fun talk aside, always remember whether you’re an engineering student or studying some other course, your grades don’t define you. You are not your CGPA, you’re not your campus package. Never measure your abilities with these figures. Like the Baba Ranchoddas said in the movie 3 Idiots “Don’t chase success, chase excellence, and you’ll find success chasing you”.  Never underestimate your potential, you’re powerful beyond your limits.


12. You know the best thing about hard work is that it always pays off. Whatever course you’re studying or whatever work you’re doing, always remember there is no shortcut to success. It can take a while to reach where you want to be, but I promise it would be worth.  So regret nothing, work hard, live, laugh, and love.


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