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Ever Thought Why Adult Films Are Called Blue Films? Here Are The Reasons


Ever Thought Why Adult Films Are Called Blue Films? Here Are The Reasons

Admit It! The first term that introduced you to the concept of adult films was “blue films”.

Among all the terms that we use for the adult films, the most commonly used word is “blue films”. But have you ever thought the reason behind the use of this word? No? We’ll tell you about it today.

Well, there are several theories regarding this. Some of them seem to be valid to some extent and others don’t.

Have a look as we tell you about the possible reasons behind calling the adult films as blue films.

1. It is said that adult films in its starting days were very hard to make. Budgets were practically non-existent and the film producers used to be very secretive about their movies.

And at that time to create a film quickly and in low-cost they used to give it a bluish colour tint. The audience used to watch the cheap blue coloured films and coined the name “blue movie”.

2. Another theory suggests that the shopkeepers who used to sell the adult VCR cassettes wrapped them in the blue packages. This is how they got popular as Blue films.

3. One more reason is stated regarding the “Blue Film” terminology. It says that the term “blue film” means a cinematic production that works opposite to the standard moral code.

Basically, it’s a spin-off from the “blue laws” that existed in many states 50-60 years back.

In the late eighteenth century, Rev. Samuel Peters introduced the term as a reference to the “bluenoses” who subscribed to the Puritan standards of the seventeenth century. As per the rumours his writings were found in books with blue covers.

According to the blue laws, Most businesses could not operate on Sunday. It particularly targeted the sale of alcohol, but they also applied to grocery stores and other commercial activities.

However, the pharmacies were exempt in most cases because of the emergency need for medication.

“Keeping the Sabbath holy” was one of the ten commandments, the basis of most laws in Christian countries.

As times changed and community standards and laws got modified. This is the reason that most people today have never heard the expression “blue laws” and would not have any idea of why adult films would be called “blue movies.”

We hope it updated your knowledge base.

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