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Every Indian Uses These 20 Typical Dialogues With Friends! Are You Nostalgic?

Every Indian Uses These 20 Typical Dialogues With Friends! Are You Nostalgic? RVCJ Media


Every Indian Uses These 20 Typical Dialogues With Friends! Are You Nostalgic?

Friendship is something which lasts forever and ever! The way we talk , the way we call each other, the way we Love each other, the way we support each other in good as well as in bad times, everything is awesome. Really friendship is something that must be remembered and cherished for throughout our lives.

These 20 Classic Dialogues will truly make you happy and make you remember the real crazy definition of friendship in every Indian.

1. Dekh kya raha hai? Bhabhi hai teri..

dekh kya raha hai

When your friend is staring continuously at your crush or GF and you lose your calm.. Hahah, heart breaking situation it is.. truly.

2. Yaad Hai Jab Hum School Mein The…


When you remember the things you did in your old school days with your buddy.

3. Bhai Lafda Ho gaya…


When you faced something bad with other group of people and you came running to your best friend seeking help for the same.

4. Abe Darwaza Khol, Bahar Khade Hai Hum..

darwazaa khol

This is really epic, your friend is standing just outside your door, but he or she is hesitating to ring the doorbell because your parents may open the door and bang them with hundreds of questions about you.

5. Chal Start Up Kholte Hai . .


Every young Indian Wants this ! Padhai ki Ho ya na ki Ho Entrepreneurship zaroor honi chahiye.

6. Oosne Tujhe Haath Bhi Lagaya Toh Dekh ..

osne tujhe

Bhai dekh pehle bata deta hu oosne tujhe haath bhi lagaya na toh khair nahi ooski.. naani yaad dila dunga ooski – The real Indian friendship.

7. Bhawnao Ko Samajh Bhai


At least Understand the feelings bro… When you are upset because of some or the other reason and your friend is busy teasing you..

8. Shave Karke Ekdum Bachaa Lag Raha Hai Tu


When your friend comes to OFFICE with beard shaved off … and you keep on teasing him..

9. Bada Aadmi Ban Gaya Tu Toh Ab Hume Toh Bhaav Bhi Nahi Dega


When your friend gets a good deal or some good placement in reputed firm, it is complimentary to make him feel awkward by saying this.

10. Bhai Proxy Laga Dena Plz, Neend Nahi Khul Rahi Hai ..

bhai proxy

When you are completely out of the world, sleeping till late morning, asking one of your friends to sign in your attendance.

11. Gaadi Chala Raha Hai Ya Bail Gaadi..


When you are out with your buddies, this dialogue is compulsory even if your friend is driving at speed of 120/kmph.

12. Chutiya Dikh Raha Hai..

chutya dikh

When your friend wears some cool attire and comes to meet you.

13. Sunn.. Bhai Tu Rehne De…

tu rehne de

When your friend is trying to do something which is completely out of his capabilities.

14. Meri Mummy Ka Phone Aaye Toh Bolna Ki Mein Tere Hi Saath Hu..

meri mummyq

When you are scared, because your mom is going to call your friend because you have kept your phone switched off when you are out with your Bae.

15. Bhai Hai Tu Apna


When your friend is running out of Support and really needs you… By saying this it really gives him feeling of comfort and relief.

16. Tere Baap Ka Naukar Hu


When your friend asks you to do some of his tasks or job just because you are his friend, and you definitely do it.

17. Tere Mere Bich Paisa Aa Gaya Ab


When your friend keeps showing off money for a longer time or denies giving you financial help, saying this would really help you to settle down the situation.

18. Tere Mummy Ka Phone Aaya Hai , Kya Bolu ?

teri mummy

Hahaha When your friends’ mom calls you to ask whether he is with you or not? Asking this would really create a sarcastic situation between you and your friend.

19. Ladki Kya Mili Dost Ko Toh Bhul Hi Gaya..


When your friend starts ignoring you because he has now got his girl…

20. Apne Bhai Ka Khaata Hai Oos Dukaan Par..

bhai ka khaata hai

When you step out to buy something with your buddy and run out of money, you finally choose to buy from the store your Friend usually purchases his things daily.

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