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Fact Check : Did Coca Cola Owner Really Sell Shikanji? Here’s The Truth


Fact Check : Did Coca Cola Owner Really Sell Shikanji? Here’s The Truth

Rahul Gandhi took the internet by storm with his remarks. He made weird statements about big companies like Mc Donalds and Coca-Cola.

Commenting on Coca-Cola company, Rahul Gandhi said that the owner used to sell Shikanji i.e. lemonade before starting the company. Not only that, he even said that owner of Mc Donald’s used to run a dhaba before starting the food chain.

As expected, Rahul Gandhi got hilariously trolled for his statements. As soon as his video went viral, Twitter started making fun of him.

Here’s the video;

Click here to watch the video directly on Twitter.

However, we thought to do a fact check from reliable sources and found that Rahul Gandhi’s statements are totally contradictory.

Who was John Pemberton (Coca-Cola founder)?

Well, the company was invented by John Pemberton; he was not a shikanji seller but was a pharmacist. He tried many drugs but always failed. This is when he shifted to Atlanta. He was actually addicted to morphine; to get rid of addiction, he wanted to invent pain-killers without opium content. This is how he experimented with coca wines and coca. Here, he decided to experiment with beverages. There, he started a soda fountain business; since it was a social gathering spot, it got successful.

He introduced the beverage after making many changes to the same. Earlier, it had alcohol and small amount of cocaine. Initially, he had named it as French Wine Coco, a beverage that had Coca wine and kola nut.

Later, when prohibition legislation was passed in Atlanta, the drink was renamed as Coca-Cola. Also, wine was replaced with sugar syrup. This is how Coca-Cola was introduced in the year 1886.

So, Mr Rahul Gandhi, have you got your facts cleared as of now? Do you wish to get some more lessons?

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