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13 Facts That You Must Know About Nepal

13 Facts That You Must Know About Nepal RVCJ Media


13 Facts That You Must Know About Nepal

There is lot more in Nepal than Mount Everest and Himalayas. Nepal is a beautiful country rightfully called a paradise on earth. Nepal is truly a god’s playground with stunning landscapes, majestic mountains and mesmerizing lakes.

Have a look at some of the facts that you must know about Nepal.

1. Kathmandu has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other city in the world.


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2. World’s tallest grasslands are found in Nepal.

Jonah M. Kessel / China Daily

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3. Nepal is a habitat for 900 species of birds i.e. about 8% of world’s total bird species. This makes it a wonderland for bird watching.


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4. World’s most extreme (longest, steepest and fastest) zip-line is built at Sarangkot. A zip-line rider rides down the cable for two kilometers and gets to view surrounding peaks of Machhapuchhre and Annapurna.


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5. Out of the world’s top 10 tallest mountains, Nepal has 8 including Mount Everest (all rising over 8000 metres/ 26, 247 feet).


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6. The Kali Gandaki Gorge in Nepal is often considered the deepest gorge in the world.


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7. Nepal is the oldest country of South Asia, and it was never colonized.


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8. Nepal is the only country in world with non-quadrilateral national flag.

Nepalese attempt world's largest human flag record

Nepalese attempt world’s largest human flag record

Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

9. Nepal is the only country in the world home to a living goddess, the Kumari.


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10. Nepal is the only country in the world to not have a time offset in multiples of 30 minutes from UTC. The time zone here is GMT+ 5:45.


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11. Unlike Other countries, Nepal has Saturday as public holiday, not Sunday.


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12. Not A Single Drop Of Blood Has Ever Been Shed In Nepal In The Name Of Religious And Ethnic Riot.


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13. All Nepalis know these facts will say – I’m proud to be a Nepali!


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