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Here Are Some Facts About Priyanka Jagga That Will Surprise You

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Here Are Some Facts About Priyanka Jagga That Will Surprise You

This season of BigBoss is definitely much aggressive and controversial than its previously held seasons. On 16th October, Salman Khan inaugurated the 10th Season of BigBoss having a total of 15 contestants, 8 commoners, and 7 celebrity contestants.

The name Priyanka Jagga spread like a wildfire within the 4th day of the show. Her aggressive approach and straight forward mindset have always created problems in the house. Her first controversial face-off was with the ex Roadie Bani J and after that, her recent fight with Rohan Mehra proves her fierce nature.

However, there are few unknown, untold facts about her that we all need to know.

1. She is a mother of two children.

She is a happy mother of two happy children. It’s quite difficult to digest the fact that her children’s upbringing has been in right manner given the kind of aggressive nature that she showcased in the house.

2. She is a director.

Apart from being a celebrity now, she used to work or still works as a director of recruitment and marketing of international BPO.

3. Her love life.

She is married to her boyfriend who happens to be a foreigner named Muise. She along with her 2 children lives with him in Noida.

4. She is a poser.

Her dressing sense is superb and she always likes to get clicked either for a professional shoot or for a quick insta selfie that we can see on her social media accounts.

5. She has been into the world of glamor for quite a longer time than we had thought.

She has also been a part of well known FTV Fashion Show and the Glam Hunt Show organized in Mumbai.

6. She doesn’t know how to cook.

Well, I am not being stereotypical, but being a mother of two kids and still not knowing how to cook is kinda funny. During the premier launch, her kids sent out a video where they said – “Our mom doesn’t know to cook, pata nahi ghar ke andar jaake kya karegi, main aur papa cook karte hai”

7. She lives her life with her own rules.

She says, ‘I am a modern mom. I do not believe in stereotype and do not hesitate from breaking rules. She further said,” Many people see me and my lifestyle as being too western but I don’t care about how others brand me.’

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