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Fan Got Tattoo Of Mia’s Face & Chest On His Body. Got Slammed By Her


Fan Got Tattoo Of Mia’s Face & Chest On His Body. Got Slammed By Her

Mia Khalifa is definitely an angry young women; whenever things don’t go her way, she never fails to turn on her “Frustration mode”.

Mia enjoys a huge fan following, thanks to the sizzling videos and photos that she uploads. Some of her crazy fans go out of the way to impress her.

One of her fans got Mia’s tattoo inked on his body. Yes, he literally got the tattoo of Mia’s face and chest made from a tattoo studio. When Mia saw this, she was super-angry.

Well, the tattoo looked messy and everything right from Mia’s specs to her teeth was highlighted. The actress must have not liked her assets being highlighted on someone else’s body.

She took to Instagram to post the photo of that crazy fan and also slammed him.

Have a look at the post;

A post shared by Mia K. (@miakhalifa) on

Mia slammed him by saying,

“STOP GETTING TATTOOS OF ME. This is not by any means flattering, it is OUTRIGHT CREEPY. Also, I had braces for way too long to accept that uneven picket fence you’re calling a smile as decent work, my teeth are fucking perfect. Don’t finish it, save your money and cover this up with a tribal symbol or some other trashy tattoo you obviously already have if you’re willing to put A COMPLETE STRANGERS FACE ON YOUR BODY YOU PSYCHO. Jesus Christ.”

No doubt, the fan is super-happy with the results but Mia Khalifa is certainly not.

What do you think that fan will do now?

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