From Fat To Fit: Sanjay Gupta’s Transformation Is Too Good. Even Hrithik Roshan Tweeted

Weight loss is very difficult but once achieved, there is no better moment than it. We have come across many weight loss journeys but some are way too inspiring and fill our hearts with happiness. Extreme efforts are needed to turn IMPOSSIBLE into I M Possible. Kaabil director Sanjay Gupta is one such example and is driving the internet crazy with his amazing transformation.

He has lost a tremendous amount of weight and we must appreciate his discipline and dedication. Sanjay Gupta took to Twitter to share a before-after pic and we were stunned. The picture is a proof that the director has struggled a lot to lose weight.

He achieved this weight loss goal in just 6 months. Seeing this transformation, even Hrithik Roshan couldn’t stop himself from tweeting.

Here’s the tweet;

This is the pic in case the tweet isn’t loading;

He also shared his workout schedule, according to which he exercises for 6 days a week, INSPIRING!

And after seeing this, this is what Hrithik Roshan tweeted…

He said, “Well done Mr director !”

Soon, even others started praising him for his efforts!

Hats off!

More power to you!

Truly commendable!


Superb stuff!

Any comments on this transformation?

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