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Flipkart’s Expensive Blunder :- Lists Book For Rs 32,17,223 After Discount!! 1 BHK Flat Is Cheaper!!!


Flipkart’s Expensive Blunder :- Lists Book For Rs 32,17,223 After Discount!! 1 BHK Flat Is Cheaper!!!

Flipkart again made a very big blunder by listing a book worth Rs 300/- at Rs 32,17,223. One of our reader was searching for a romantic love story to gift his girl friend on her birthday. Unfortunately he landed on this book which costs more than the price of 1 BHK Flat!!!

We checked the price on and it’s just Rs 304/-.
Click Here to see the book price on Amazon

Flipkart is even giving a discount of Rs 1 lakh. Check the screenshot yourself:-

We had a laughing time by reading the reviews under this book.

When I first saw this book on FK I was amazed at the beautiful cover. But then I saw its price and it was that which made me freaking crazy. The price made me speechless and I wondered how I can afford to buy it for months.
But now I had to face the biggest challenge of collecting this much of money.
I tried each and every possible way of getting money but failed. I sold my house and every asset but couldn’t collect the money. It was then that I decided to meet the only person on this planet who I think can help me. So I contacted Sir Rajnikanth and told him about this awesome book for which I sold my every asset. He was so kind hearted and noble person to listen to me patiently and got curious about the book. But when he saw the price he fell ill. Then I realized that this book can even make Rajnikanth ill who can make even illness ill.
Later Me and Rajni Sir formed a team and we contacted every bank in India. But all banks of India together were not able to provide me the loan to buy this book. Even World Bank said “NO”.
Finally we had to go to Swiss bank and here our journey ended. Thanks to all Indian politicians who had deposited their black money in Swiss bank which made the bank to provide me the Loan!

This is the story of how I got a 0.29 MB e-book of Foretold for an amount as huge as the money to buy a 2BHK in a metro city.


Had a big fight with the wife after I bought this book without discussing with her. She is generally not very particular about what I read, but spending the funds we had saved to buy a house to buy a book was indeed a step too far.

However, once I convinced her to give it a try, she too fell in love with the characters and the story line (just like I had) and is no longer angry with me for pi**ing away our retirement fund.

Kudos to Ms. Cyn. Definitely give this a try!


What do you have to say about this book listing. Would you prefer buying this book or 1 BHK flat instead? Comment and let us know

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