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From Mumbai Police To Tinder, Binod Is Everywhere & These Memes Will Cheer Your Mood


From Mumbai Police To Tinder, Binod Is Everywhere & These Memes Will Cheer Your Mood

Internet has undoubtedly made our lives easy to a great extent but sometimes weird things also happen on the virtual platform. There has to be a reason behind whatever trends on the Internet but sometimes something starts trending and most of the netizens don’t even have an idea as to why it is even trending in the first place.

In recent times, “Binod” has begun to trend on the Internet and social media and while many people are not able to understand its reason, a number of memers have started posting memes and jokes on it. If you are still wondering as to why Binod is everywhere on virtual world, let us tell you that it all started after a YouTube channel named Slayy Point posted a video titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)”.

In this video, they talked about trash comments that people make in the comments section of videos. In one such comment, an online user named Binod Tharu wrote his first name “Binod” in the comments section. The presenters in the video trolled Binod and made fun of other such users who make stupid comments.

Here is the video of Slayy Point after which Binod has become viral:

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Since then, everything on the Internet is just about Binod and while earlier only memers were using it to make memes and jokes, now the corporate and the police departments have also joined the bandwagon.

This is how Mumbai Police reacted:

Check out the tweet of Nagpur Police:

Here is the tweet from YouTube India:

See the reaction from Tinder India:

Here are some other tweets:















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