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Girl Roasts Mom’s Friend Who Taunted Her For Putting On Weight, Twitter Is Loving Her Style


Girl Roasts Mom’s Friend Who Taunted Her For Putting On Weight, Twitter Is Loving Her Style

In the modern day world, people are very much conscious of not only their appearances but also the looks of others and there are many who don’t hesitate in making comments on other person’s appearance even without thinking that he/she may not like it or may get hurt because of their remarks. While skinny people have to face comments because of their less weight, many people in the world are fat-shamed because of being over-weight.

In simple words, whatever the case may be, there will be some people who will say something or other about your appearance so what you can do is to either ignore them or give them a perfect kickass response just like this girl who faced a comment from her mother’s friend about her weight.

Recently, a Twitter user whose id is @gemmniqua took the micro-blogging site and narrated the incident which happened with her. She told that as she walked into her house, her mother’s friend told that she put on some weight.

The girl was in no mood to remain mum and she gave a sassy reply by telling her aunt that she (girl) is also feeling the same for her (aunt). This response was quite a shocker not just for the aunt but her mother was also left in a state of shock while the girl’s father tried to avoid the aunt by showing that he is busy.

@gemmniqua tweeted, “I walked into the house and my mum’s friend said I put on weight. I replied wow, I was thinking the same about you. My dad was bussing up and my mum was in utter shock.”

In another tweet, she writes the moral of the incident as she says that if you are bad, be bad everywhere. She tweeted, “Moral of the story is if you’re a bad gal be bad everywhere. I’m bad AFFFFFF”

The Twitter users also reacted soon and here are some of the selected tweets:
















Nobody needs to remind the other person that he is over-weight or under-weight because everyone is aware of what is happening with him and this girl did give an epic reply to the unwanted comment. What do you say?

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