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Girl Shares How Her Mom Is Not Impressed When Father Sings Ghazal For Her, Twitter Is Amused


Girl Shares How Her Mom Is Not Impressed When Father Sings Ghazal For Her, Twitter Is Amused

Gifts such as flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, etc. for birthdays or anniversaries are pretty common nowadays but if you really want to make the moment memorable for the other person, you should do something which makes that person feel special. While some choose to take their loved one for a surprise trip or candle light dinner, going out somewhere in the times of COVID-19 is absolutely impossible but still there are ways by which a person can be made feel special; for instance – singing a song for the concerned person.

Recently, a Twitter user Rakhi Tripathi posted a video in which her father is seen singing a ghazal (song) for his wife and Rakhi’s mother as it was her birthday. While Rakhi’s father who is retired from IIT as a professor was singing beautifully, Rakhi’s mother was seen sitting in a serious manner and did not seem to be much impressed.

Rakhi Tripathi tweeted, “It’s mata shree’s bday today. Papa singing a beautiful ghazal but why so serious? Mommy, papa is singing for you… plz dont make faces, These oldies I tell you”.

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The video was soon noticed by Twitterati and while some praised the singing skills of Rakhi’s father, few others stated that her mother is not much impressed with her father’s singing. However, there were some who indicated that the old lady was tapping her fingers and this is how the old generation enjoys music and special moments. Few people also pointed out that she may be camera shy and doesn’t know how to react.

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Have you ever made someone feel special by doing something like this or has anyone made you feel special? If yes, how? Share with us.

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