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Girls Cannot Even Chat On WhatsApp In This College!! You’ll Be Shocked To Read The Restrictions Imposed On Girls


Girls Cannot Even Chat On WhatsApp In This College!! You’ll Be Shocked To Read The Restrictions Imposed On Girls

In the recent past we in our school & college have witnessed many restrictions imposed upon by the School & college Administration. Many of us weren’t allowed to get Vehicles to school, or we weren’t allowed to get Phones, some of us had restrictions on accessories and some of us even faced restrictions on Shoes & socks. And all that was a Big Burden to us. Isn’t It? But imagine a situation where in a college where restrictions are imposed on you on celebrating your Birthday, new year and other functions? Where you are not allowed to get sweets, chocolates or any other thing to share it with friends? What will you have to say if you are not allowed to get Four Wheeler or even Two Wheeler? What if you are not even allowed to have a Facebook Account or you cannot chat on Whats App or any other social media medium. And what if the Administration asks you not to talk to Boys?
You think all these are Imaginary right? What if I say you that all these are true and there is college in Chennai which Imposes these restrictions on the students studying in that college.
Sri Sairam College a well known college for Engineering in Chennai which is also approved by AlCTE (All India Council For Technical Education). And Yes this renowned college provides absolutely no Freedom to its students. All because of one simple reason “YOU’RE A GIRL”


Source: College Dunia

Have a look at the “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR GIRLS” which highlights the list of BIG NO’s for GIRLS. You will be shocked to see these and thank god for not being one to study in this college.


Source: Mantal Bwoy

Phew!! And I thought we got Freedom in 1947!!! We in no way are trying to degrade or defame the college or the administration but Isn’t it morally wrong for not even allowing students to even choose what will they wear or what will they do with their hair? Is it right for any Educational put such restrictions on their students? Share this post and your comments on the comments section below.

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