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Google Has Removed 22 Apps From Play Store Which Could Seriously Harm Users. Here Are Details


Google Has Removed 22 Apps From Play Store Which Could Seriously Harm Users. Here Are Details

Google Play store has some really strict rules that every developer needs to follow before getting its app registered for download. You just can’t get your app registered if you don’t follow their guidelines.

However, there are some players in the field who can cheat even Google and successfully register fake and potentially harmful apps on Playstore. These malicious apps are later downloaded by users on their phones which soon become a home of viruses.

Thankfully, Google has one more layer of security here as it keeps on taking reviews of apps from security services. The apps which are reported as fake or malicious by them are removed from the Play Store on a regular basis.

An antivirus providing company, Sophos has recently got 22 fake apps removed from the Play Store which were seriously harming users without even their knowledge. These apps had almost 2 million of downloads the update has happened near Nov 25 period. Most of the apps that have been removed were reportedly linked to ad network named Andr/Clickr-ad.

What is Andr/Clickr-ad?

It’s basically a well-organised malware system and the apps related to it lure users for download and then hijack their phones without their knowledge. These apps without the consent of users click on the ads and generate tons of revenue. These ads are basically of fraudulent websites/apps which further harm your device.

According to a blog post of Sophos,

“Andr/Clickr-ad is a well-organized, persistent malware that has the potential to cause serious harm to end users, as well as the entire Android ecosystem,”

Here’s some of the apps from the list which have been removed from Play Store-

6.Sparkle Flashlight
7.Snake Attack
8.Take A Trip
10.Join UP
11.Zombie Killer
12.Space Rocke
13.Just Flashlight
14.Table Soccer
15.Cliff Diver
16.Box Stack
17.Jelly Slice
18.AK Blackjack
19.Color Tiles
20. PairZap

While, Google is doing what it can do to keep you safe, you also can keep a double check of things before downloading them on your phone. Detecting a fake app is not that difficult after all.

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