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Got Maggi Cravings? You Can Perfectly Relate To These Things If You’re A Maggi Lover


Got Maggi Cravings? You Can Perfectly Relate To These Things If You’re A Maggi Lover

When we think of Maggi, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it will take just 2 minutes of our time. Moreover, we just can’t miss out on how it is an inseparable part of everyone’s life, be it college students, be it hosteliers, a 5 year old kid as well as teethless elders, hahah!

There are some people who are too obsessed with Maggi; they wouldn’t even mind dreaming about this 2-minute friend in their dreams. Do you have any friend of yours who can eat Maggi all day all night?
One thing we all need to appreciate about it is that no matter what time of the day we are hungry,
it’s always available for us. Here are few things that only a true Maggi lover can relate to.

1) You ask him “What do you wish to eat?” and the answer will always be “MAGGI”

2) He’s an expert cook when it comes to Maggi; at other times, he simply doesn’t know anything!

3) He will try every possible Maggi recipe that he comes across.

4) When it comes to sharing Maggi, it’s a strict no. The conversation can get wild too, LOL.

5) When he’s depressed, the only thing that comes to mind is MAGGI

6) When Maggi was banned, it was the saddest day of his life. And it was the happiest when it returned.

7) Maggi lovers know every nukkads which have the best noodles.

8) Whenever he’s hungry at 3 AM, there is no other eating option but Maggi.

9) He knows how to make that extra spicy Maggi with extra masala packets.

10) He’s the first one to try out every new flavor that is introduced in the market.

So getting that urge to eat it right away? We are so sorry to leave you craving.

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