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Guy Writes A Breakup Letter To Gym And It Will Crack You Up With Laughter


Guy Writes A Breakup Letter To Gym And It Will Crack You Up With Laughter

There are a lot of fitness freaks around us who are always 100% motivated to join the gym. The problem, however, starts after giving the subscription fees in the gym.

It’s only after joining the gym, people realise that they are probably not ready to begin the game. That’s when they abort the mission and never show up in front of the trainer.

But things are not similar in all countries. Outside India, the gyms are pretty badass and don’t let you go easily. Their payment mode is Credit Card and fees gets automatically deducted so you just can’t leave the gym without notice.

The gyms in fact require you write in the complete reason before leaving it.

Redditor Mastrrbasser’s story is special

This guy needed to cancel his gym membership because he was moving to another state. To make the things more interesting, he went a step ahead and wrote a breakup letter to his gym. After reading the letter you won’t be able to conclude that if you need to laugh or get emotional. Read below-

“It is with deep regret, and a heavy heart that I write this letter, but I must come forth with my intentions with sincerity and honesty. Certain events in my life have put me in a different place, and while it was one of the more taxing decisions I’ve had to make of late, it is the right one. The purpose of this letter is to end my relationship with Planet Fitness.”

He further writes-

“I know I’ve been distant, but it’s because I’ve changed. I have different needs now, and to be frank… you really haven’t changed at all. You’re still that bulky, purple and yellow building with the tootsie rolls at the counter. I don’t want to change you, and it pains me to think that we were once one, but are now separate and in different places.”

He continues-

“‘I don’t want you to be jealous, or to judge me based on this decision,’ he wrote. ‘That’s not the Planet Fitness that I know and love. I still love you, but more like a friend at this point. I’m sorry things couldn’t have been better between us.”

This is not the end as the man had an interesting P.S as well. He wrote-

My wife also needs to cancel her membership.

Ins’t that hilarious??

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