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Here’s 12th Class Maths Paper That Made Students Cry. Tough Or Not – You Decide


Here’s 12th Class Maths Paper That Made Students Cry. Tough Or Not – You Decide

Boards for class 12 students is all in the news for wrong reasons this year. We earlier posted an article on how the Class 12 Examination held by Central Board Of Secondary Education had made students cry. Students after coming out of the exam hall complained that the paper set was so tough and lengthy that they couldn’t even attempt the entire paper and hence left the hall disappointed. Many students considered the exam to have been set to the level of IIT. Where most of the students and their parents resorted to and signed a petition requesting the Board(CBSE) to either show some leniency in validating the papers or hold a re-exam for the Mathematics paper, there are even students who resorted to PMO INDIA & Prime Minister Modi’s official Facebook page and requested PM to look into the matter. This is what students have posted on the official pages directing it to the Prime Minister:12th12th1Have a look at the questions asked in the Mathematics Paper and comment how many of these you think a 12th Class Student can answer. You decide whether the Paper was tough & lengthy or is it that 12th Class students who are complaining about the exam are weak in Maths.









SET 65/1/S = A 12th Class Student Sent Us Another Set Of Math Exam And Called It The Toughest. Click Here & You Decide!!

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