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Here’s How Bandgi’s Ex-Boyfriend Reacted After She Is Evicted From The Bigg Boss House

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Here’s How Bandgi’s Ex-Boyfriend Reacted After She Is Evicted From The Bigg Boss House

Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra were like the young passionate lovers who gave a damn about anything and even the warnings given by the host Salman Khan didn’t have any effect on them. The couple used to lock themselves in the bathroom, cuddle on the sofa, get into each other’s blanket and indulge in such activities which people usually don’t do on the national television.

However, now things will be different as Bandgi Kalra has been evicted from the Bigg Boss house and one person who welcomed her with a sarcastic tweet was her ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal.

Dennis tweeted,

“First people congratulated when she went in the house, now people are congratulating when she’s coming out of the house. Such is life!

#BB11 #BiggBoss11”

During the last two months when Bandgi was in the house, Dennis talked a lot about their relationship and how heartbroken and depressed he is after she started an affair with Puneesh inside the Bigg Boss house.

Dennis used social media as a medium to make everyone understand his feelings. He first deleted all pictures of Bandgi and then announced break up with her. He also slammed Bandgi for defaming him on the national television. Bandgi claimed in the house of Bigg Boss that she broke up with Dennis as he had desires of sharing her with other persons.

But after coming out of the house, when Bandgi was asked to comment on this matter by India Today Online, she said,

“My relationship with him had ended before entering the Bigg Boss house. He is doing all this for publicity and he has a good opportunity to make the most out of it, now that I’m famous. He is lucky enough to have dated me. When Priyank re-entered the house, he told him that he still loved me. Because of that, I had to face a lot in the house and I had to give the real reason of breaking up with him.”

Well, we are sure that there is more drama to come. What do you think?


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