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Here’s The Evolution Of Royal Enfield Since 1893.!!

Here's The Evolution Of Royal Enfield Since 1893.!! RVCJ Media


Here’s The Evolution Of Royal Enfield Since 1893.!!

Royal Enfield comes under Enfield Cycle company founded in 1893 and manufactured motorcycles, bicycles, lawnmowers etc. The very first Royal Enfield motorcycle was built in 1901. Royal Enfield Bullet is the brainchild of Enfield Cycle Company and is the longest-lived motorcycle design in the history. In 1955, Enfield of India was formed with Chennai (Madras) as its headquarters. From 1962, all the components needed were made in India. Siddhartha Lal is the present CEO of Royal Enfield. He took over the company when it was going to bankrupt and then the turnover happened. Royal Enfield motorcycles were the first priority at the time of World Wars and it is one of the oldest motorcycle companies. Presently, Enfield sells motorcycles in more than 50 countries. Today we decided to bring you the evolution of the Royal Enfield motorcycles right from 1893.

Here presenting you the evolution of Royal Enfield with their famous motorcycles over the years.!!

1. Royal Enfield Quadricycle -1893


2. Royal Enfield 425cc – 1913

Enfield supplied motorcycles in large numbers to British war department and the company also won a motorcycle contract for the Imperial Russian Government.


3. Royal Enfield 225cc – 1923

In 1924, Enfield launched the four-stroke 350cc engine.


4. Royal Enfield 250cc (11F) – 1939 to 1945

During World War II, British authorities asked Enfield to develop and manufacture military motorcycles.


5. Royal Enfield Crusader – 1959

They produced many 250 cc machines which consist of a modified Crusader frame, Villiers Starmaker engine, and leading link forks.


6. Royal Enfield Turbo Twin – 1965

Turbo Twin is one of the rarest Royal Enfield in the present generation.


7. Royal Enfield Interceptor – 1967

Interceptor was very popular in US but Enfield was unable to match the demand thereby making it the last English-made Royal Enfield.


8. Royal Enfield Bullet – 1980

Bullet is the most popular bike of Royal Enfield. Due to high demand, it takes quite some time to get a ride even after booking one.


9. Royal Enfield Standard – 1990

Standard edition also became popular in 90’s and is still seen rarely.


10. Royal Enfield Bullet – Present variant


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