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Here’s Why We Say ‘Ram Naam Satya Hai’ While Carrying The Dead To Cremation Ground!


Here’s Why We Say ‘Ram Naam Satya Hai’ While Carrying The Dead To Cremation Ground!

Ram Naam i.e. ‘The name of Ram’ is often sung or chanted within several traditions of Hinduism. In Mahabharata, it is stated by Lord Shiva that when Ram’s name is uttered 3 times, it is as good as pronouncing other names of God 1000 times. We commonly hear people chanting ‘Ram Naam Satya Hai’ while carrying dead body to the cremation ground. However, ever wondered why people chant this? Well, here are the reasons!

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Reason 1

When Rama’s name is recited, the soul gets Mukti. On reciting this during last rituals, the ‘Atman’ or the ‘Jeeva’ gets free from the Sansaar chakra.

Reason 2

The meaning of ‘Ram Naam Satya Hai’ means ‘Truth is the name of Lord Rama’. Here Ram implies to ‘Brihmatman’, i.e. manifestation of supreme power. Usually, the dead body which is devoid or breath has no existence or meaning. However, it gets meaning only when the soul is connected to Brihmatman. By chanting this, we are leaving everything to God because that is the ultimate truth.


Reason 3

This chant makes us realize that everything that comes to the world departs. Everything except the Lord is an illusion.

Reason 4

As per Hindu Shastra, RA and MA are Beeja Aksharas that help in driving away bad or ominous thoughts that pile up. Uttering RA MA keeps one away from such kinds of attachments. Utterance of this word would not only drive away bad tendencies but also redeem the dead from his bad deeds.

Reason 5

Some believe that this chant helps the relatives of the dead. Generally, after the death of a dear one, people be quite depressed. Utterance of this chant helps people to come out of depressing state since they can develop faith in divine and correlate to transient world.

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