While Hrithik & Kangana Are Defaming Each Other, Twitter Is Making Fun Of Their Fight

The ugly spat between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut is taking a horrible form with each passing day. The new disclosures on a regular basis are making common people even more confused and they are unable to decide who is right and who is telling a lie. From Rangoli’s blasting tweets against Hrithik to the latter’s open letter on social media to Kangana’s 9 probing questions asked by her lawyer on the micro-blogging site Twitter, everything related to the couple’s war is making headlines.


Well, we don’t know who’s speaking the truth and probably only Hrithik and Kangana are aware of the complete story but this Hrithik and Kangana saga is leaving Twitterati in splits. Twitter is having a field day and users are mocking the actors as well as media which is sensationalizing their news.

Here are few selected tweets:

It’s time to leave the world:

Publicity stunt:

Wonderful job!

Bole.. Bole..


Who’s guilty?

Enjoying the masala:

People forgot Bigg Boss during all this drama:


Ahem ahem..


Did you also find humor in their fight?

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